Technical inspeProject and construction audit of single-family residential development in La Moralejactions of racking

Location: Madrid
Year: 2021
Client: Grupo AQ ACENTOR

The work includes technical advisory services, auditing, and expertise regarding the contractual documentation, projects, and ongoing construction of the Promotion of 95 Single-Family Homes with shared parking spaces, swimming pool, play area, and landscaped spaces “Gardens La Moraleja”, located at number 1 Camino Ancho Street 1, plot A2-b in the municipal area of Alcobendas, Madrid. The following work was carried out:

  • Analysis of the contractual documentation
  • Complete audit of the technical execution project approved in 2018
  • Technical-economic and quality differences between the contractual documentation, project approved in January 2018, construction contract, and ongoing works with their latest modifications
  • Technical expert report