Projects at the sports facilities of the RFFM (Cotorruelo) in Madrid

Location: Madrid
Year: 2018-2023
Client: Real Federación de Fútbol de Madrid

Among the tasks requested by the Royal Madrid Football Federation (RFMM) since 2018 are a series of actions in the Ernesto Cotorruelo facilities in the District of Carabanchel. Two projects have been developed in the Cotorruelo sports facilities, the installation of the temporary offices of the RFFM headquarters and a cafeteria, and the execution of a change of turf of the soccer field.

Installation of temporary offices for the RFFM headquarters and a cafeteria: The project consists of the installation of temporary offices to house the RFFM infrastructure while the project is being managed and a license is obtained for the construction of a new building, as well as the installation of a cafeteria linked to the sports fields. Both facilities are to be built using prefabricated solutions that do not require on-site execution beyond transportation from the factory and installation in the indicated location along with connection to existing services. Therefore, both the office area and the cafeteria consist of the installation of several single-story prefabricated modules that make up the total space. The office building has an area of 854 m² and the cafeteria 135 m². The duration of the works is 1 month and the budget is 322,494.48 €.

Replacement of the soccer fields turf: The work consists of the improvement and conditioning of soccer fields 1 and 2 of the Ernesto Cotorruelo Sports Center in Madrid. For this purpose, the artificial turf of both fields will be replaced and the installation of the sprinkler irrigation components will be upgraded. The surface area is 14,000 m². The deadline for the work is 1 month and the budget is 329,247.50 €.