At CSI we merge technical excellence with business vision, providing comprehensive solutions that go beyond conventional limits. We are proud to stand out in the field of I+D+I, where we deploy our creativity in the processes of investigating causes and the study of construction pathologies. At the heart of our work is the generation of advanced mathematical formulas that allow us to evaluate the overall prices of built housing accurately and in detail.

We thoroughly analyze each project, considering the type of construction, the geographic location and the type of housing built. This rigorous methodology allows us to offer customized and efficient solutions to our clients. In addition, we are proud to provide support services for the internationalization of small engineering companies. We accompany these companies in their first steps into international markets, providing expert advice, identifying business opportunities and facilitating a smooth transition to international environments.

We believe in sustainable growth and strategic expansion, and our team is committed to driving our clients’ success in the global arena.

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