Technical Assistance

CSI is an undisputed benchmark in the field of consulting, offering highly specialized advisory and technical assistance services. Our distinctive capacity is manifested in our versatility to provide customized solutions to diverse business needs.

We stand out for being strategic partners for law firms, providing expert advice in construction-related lawsuits and litigation. Our legal and technical team merges knowledge to provide solid and strategic representation in the complex construction legal environment. In addition, we specialize in streamlining processes for private and public entities, offering efficient licensing and administrative services. Our experience guarantees compliance with local regulations, optimizing time and resources.

In the field of internationalization, we distinguish ourselves by guiding recently opened engineering companies in outsourcing and internationalization processes. From market assessment to strategic implementation, we are committed to driving our clients’ success in new business horizons.

CSI is therefore positioned as the preferred choice for those seeking highly specialized consulting services, providing comprehensive solutions that support growth and excellence in diverse business sectors.

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